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Creating unique apparel is our specialty. We can decorate just about anything. From hats, beanies, polo shirts, to jackets and more. We specialize in delivering high quality screen printing and embroidery services for businesses, influencers, events, schools, and non-profits.

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Why choose DTF and not Screen Printing?

Choosing DTF (Direct-to-Film) over screen printing can depend on various factors, and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, small runs vs. larger, details, soft hand feel, color and details etc…


DTG has no minimums


Effective solution for on-demand


Detailed high resolution prints

While DTF offers these advantages, it’s essential to consider factors such as cost, production speed, and the specific requirements of the project. Screen printing remains a popular choice for large production runs, especially when the same design is being replicated on a large scale. The choice between DTF and screen printing should align with the goals, budget, and design characteristics of the particular printing project.

Direct To Film – What is It?

DTF, or Direct-to-Film, is a printing process that has gained prominence in the world of custom apparel and textile printing. Unlike traditional methods, DTF involves printing designs onto a special heat-sensitive film, which is then transferred onto the fabric. This technique has become popular for its ability to produce vibrant and detailed prints on a variety of textiles.

In the DTF process, a design is first printed onto a film using specialized DTF printers and inks. The ink used is typically a powder or adhesive that adheres to the film. Once the design is printed, it is placed on top of the garment, and heat and pressure are applied to transfer the ink from the film to the fabric. This method allows for high-resolution and full-color prints on dark-colored garments, making it a versatile choice for a range of designs.

DTF printing is known for its flexibility in handling intricate details and color gradients, making it suitable for complex and visually appealing designs. This technology has gained popularity for its efficiency in small to medium-sized production runs, offering businesses and individuals the capability to create custom, high-quality prints without the need for expensive setup costs or large minimum order quantities.

Overall, DTF is recognized as a cost-effective and efficient solution for on-demand and customized textile printing, providing a valuable option for those looking to produce unique and eye-catching apparel.

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